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Muslims record decadal growth of 24.6 pc, Hindus 16.8 pc

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New Delhi, Aug 25 (PTI) Muslims recorded a decadal growth rate of 24.6 per cent between 2001 and 2011 touching 17.22 crores while the Hindus grew at 16.8 per cent to clock a population of 96.63 crores during the same period.

The growth rate of population in the decade 2001-2011 was 17.7 per cent. The growth rate of population of the different religious communities in the same period was as Hindus: 16.8 per cent; Muslim: 24.6 per cent; Christian: 15.5 per cent; Sikh: 8.4 per cent; Buddhist: 6.1 per cent and Jain: 5.4 per cent, according to the census data on population by religious communities released today.

While the census figure on religion was released more than four years after compilation of the data, the caste data is yet to be made public.

Under the data released by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner today, the total population in the country in 2011 was 121.09 crore.

The distribution is total population by six major communities namely Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain besides “other religions and persuasions” and “religion not stated”. The data released are by sex and residents upto sub districts and towns.

Out of the total 121.09 crores, Hindus account for 96.63 crores (79.8 per cent); Muslims 17.22 crores (14.2 per cent); Christians 2.78 crores (2.3 per cent); Sikhs 2.08 crores (1.7 per cent); Buddhists 0.84 crores (0.7 per cent); Jains 0.45 crores (0.4 per cent), ‘other religions and persuasions’ (ORP) 0.79 crores (0.7 per cent) and ‘religion not stated’ 0.29 crores (0.2 per cent).

The proportion of Muslim population to total population has increased by 0.8 percentage point (PP) in 2011, the census data said.

The proportion of Hindu population to total population in 2011 has declined by 0.7 PP; the proportion of Sikh population has declined by 0.2 PP and the Buddhist population has declined by 0.1 PP during the decade 2001-2011.

There has been no significant change in the proportion of Christians and Jains.

As per 2001 census, India’s total population was 102 crores of which Hindu population comprised 82.75 crore (80.45 per cent) and Muslims were 13.8 crore (13.4 per cent).

JD(U), SP, DMK and some other parties have been asking the government to release the caste census figure. The data on socio economic status of the population was released on July 3.

India in position to overtake Chinese quicker: Swamy

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From Lalit K Jha

Washington, Aug 25 (PTI) It is time for the NDA government to convert the current Chinese economic crisis into an opportunity by doing right things, says a senior BJP leader.

Also, the current financial crisis would have a tremendous impact on the Chinese ambition to emerge as a global superpower and develop Yuan as a viable international currency challenging the monopoly of the US dollar, he says.

“It (Chinese economic crisis) is an opportunity for India,” senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy told PTI.

A former union cabinet minister, Swamy had predicted earlier that the Chinese economy would collapse by 2020.

“I am glad that it is happening five years earlier,” he said.

“I think it is structural failure which is taking place in China. The whole Chinese economic system is not an indigenous system,” said Swamy, who is currently on a US tour giving speeches in various cities across the country.

“We are in a stronger position to overtake China, if it does the right thing,” he said.

Noting that it will take China to recover from this economic crisis, Swamy said it is time for India to get ahead of its northern neighbour by taking the necessary steps.

Urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fire his economic advisors who were earlier based in the US, Swamy said there is need for him to have a brain storming session with people within the party, who would give him the correct advice.

He urged the government to lower the interest rate to 9 per cent, and called for abolishing income tax, as one of the few steps to accelerate economic development of the country.

One of the immediate casualty of this financial crisis is that China would have to “give up” its game of replacing US dollar with Yuan as an international trading currency, he said.

“When the Prime Minister offered me the presidentship of the BRICS bank, I told him that the situation is so uncertain, how can I work at the bank. I had foreseen this,” he said.

India, Swamy said, should take pride in the fact that it has a “much much better” financial system and New Delhi has to build on it.

“Unfortunately, the Reserve Bank of India Governor is undermining the financial system,” he alleged.

Swamy feared that because of some of the actions of Union Finance Minister and the RBI governor, India too would have to face consequences of the Chinese economic crisis, which could have been avoided by taking the correct steps.

Defence Secy visits Naval facilities in Kerala

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Kochi, Aug 25 (PTI) Defence Secretary G Mohan Kumar held discussions with senior naval officials at the navy’s two key centres in Kerala — the Indian Naval Academy at Ezhimala and the Southern Naval Command here — during his two-day visit ending today.

During his Kochi visit, Kumar interacted with Vice Admiral Sunil Lanba, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Naval Command and held discussions with senior officers of the Command, a Navy release said.

The Defence Secretary, who began his two day Kerala tour yesterday, visited various training establishments and facilities at Kochi and also attended the Onam celebrations function organised by the Southern Naval Command.

He also inspected the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Vikrant under construction at the Cochin Shipyard Ltd, here.

China using Nepal study centres for spying?

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NEW DELHI: Incursions by the Chinese army into Indian territory may have dominated news space in the past few months but India’s external intelligence agency RAW has warned that a more serious issue at hand is the mushrooming of rather innocuously named Nepal-China study centres in Nepal which are being used by the Chinese to […]

China’s Conventional Cruise and Ballistic Missile Force Modernization and Deployment

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Publication: China Brief Volume: 10 Issue: 1January 7, 2010 01:11 PM Age: 2 days By: Martin Andrew The People’s Republic of China (PRC) 60th National Day, which took place on October 1, 2009, was lauded by the Chinese-media for its display of the military’s ‘precision striking capabilities.’ According to Yu Jixun, deputy commander of the […]

The new Great Game in Asia

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Two trade agreements, led by the U.S. and China, are only superficially about trade. Given the strategic subtext, India would do well to jostle for space at the table Two strategic agreements currently being negotiated by the world’s trading giants will likely determine the global balance of economic power for years to come: the Trans-Pacific […]

Losing the plot on India-Pakistan ties?

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A diplomatic engagement requires a common script, more so the complex India-Pakistan relationship. Somewhere along the way, from Ufa to the cancelled talks in Delhi, it was clear that the plot was lost sight of and the management of the process was reduced to a rhetorical tit for tat The non-event of talks between the […]

Army wants rail link to Ladakh

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Taking a leaf out of China’s aggressive infrastructure buildup along the Indian border, the Army plans to build an all weather road, new tunnels and a railway line connecting the Ladakh region with the rest of the country. One of the main points for discussion at the high powered Army Commander’s Conference that kicked off […]

THE KASHMIR ISSUE :-A look at the evolution of the biggest issue to plague the subcontinent

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April – 21 – 2009 Article by:- pyromaniac dfi dedicated member. With its gorgeous valleys, snow covered mountain ranges and rivers that shaped the very evolution of one of the first human civilizations; Kashmir is a land of such beauty that it has been called heaven on Earth. However, in this paradise is an ugliness […]

India successfully launches surveillance satellite

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Sriharikota (AP): Giving a big boost to its defence surveillance capabilities, India on Monday successfully launched an all-weather Israeli-built spy satellite that will help security agencies keep a vigil on the country’s borders. Indian space agency ISRO’s workhorse, PSLV-C12 rocket soared majestically into a clear sky at 6.45 am from the spaecport in Sriharikota and […]