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'Repeat Offenders': UN Envoy On Imran Khan's Dhaka Video Tweet For India 1 January 4, 2020
With Kashmir on Its Mind, Pakistan Trying to Arrange OIC Session in Islamabad 1 January 3, 2020
US warns its carriers to avoid Pak airspace, cites 'possible extremist attack' 1 January 3, 2020
Army Tech Seminar 'ARTECH 2019' for 'Make in India' Defence industry begins in Delhi 1 December 24, 2019
‘Time is up’: Russia tells Pakistan to take concrete steps to avoid FATF blacklisting 1 December 19, 2019
Citizenship law could lead to India-Pakistan conflict: Imran Khan 1 December 18, 2019
Rattled by India's ambition of reclaiming PoK - Pakistan changes name of 'Azad Kashmir' 1 December 16, 2019
India slams Pakistan for raising Kashmir, Citizenship Act at UN, says footprint of 'every major act of terrorism' passes through Islamabad 1 December 14, 2019
'I may be the last PM of Azad Kashmir' - Raja Farooq Haider Khan 1 December 14, 2019
Pakistan to continue boycott of Indian ministers' speeches at intl events 1 December 14, 2019
State Department Reprimanded Pakistan for Misusing F-16s, Document Shows 1 December 12, 2019
Afghan war can end in few weeks if Pakistan denies safe heaven to Taliban: U.S. senator 1 December 12, 2019
Treating Pakistan as a friend was a critical error: US officials in Afghanistan Papers 1 December 12, 2019
Does he want India to take Muslim refugees from Pakistan? Twitter confused by Imran's take on Citizenship Bill 1 December 11, 2019
'Pakistan will disintegrate in 20-25 years', says Pak-born writer Tarek Fatah in 'Aap Ki Adalat' 1 December 8, 2019
Elemental dysfunctionality of Pak’s Govt exposed by Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed says European think tank 1 December 8, 2019
Pakistan submits compliance report to FATF 1 December 8, 2019
Need to be alert against Pakistan: Rajnath Singh 1 December 8, 2019
World community feels Pakistan not serious about punishing 26/11 culprits: India 1 December 7, 2019
Kashmir and Balochistan: Will Pakistan own up to rights abuses? 1 December 7, 2019
Pakistani cleric threatens Sikh pilgrims from visiting Kartarpur Gurdwara 1 December 7, 2019
Pakistani PM Imran Khan Niazi to attend Kuala Lumpur summit to find solution for Muslims 1 December 7, 2019
ADB approves USD 1 billion emergency loan for Pakistan 1 December 7, 2019
Don’t get fooled by Bajwa drama. Pakistan Army still the only one with a nation to itself 1 December 7, 2019
Pakistan’s new hit list for its Azmat-Class Fast Attack Craft - Gujarat Military and Civilian establishments 1 December 6, 2019
Pakistan’s moderates threatening nuclear war over Kashmir is a sign it’s losing the argument 1 December 6, 2019
Pakistan Minister blames suspension of trade with India for hike in food prices 1 December 5, 2019
Puppet Imran Khan, master General Bajwa and an India story 1 December 5, 2019
629 Pakistani Muslim Girls sold as brides to China - Pak Govt. refuses to comment 1 December 5, 2019
Pak Minister terms India''s space programme 'irresponsible' 1 December 4, 2019