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Indian Navy News and Discussion about combat capability of Indian Navy, its surface and submerged fleets, its aviation branch, future acquisitions, procurements of weapons, etc. Indian Air Force News and Discussion about the Indian Air Force capability, induction of fighters, changes in air force, comparison with other air forces of the world. Indian Army News and Discuss on Indian Army, its fighting caliber, its international input, future changes, procurements of weapons, changes in the army, etc. Internal Security News and Discussion related to issues affecting Indian internal security like militancy in Kashmir, the Maoist/Naxalite insurgency and events causing ethnic/religious strife. Strategic Forces News and Discussion related to Indian missiles and missile defence, cyber-security and network centric warfare, Space and Nuclear assets along with other leading edge military technology Defence Industry A dedicated forum to discuss the emerging defence industry and military technologies of India. And other general defence topics that don’t fall into the other categories. (No International Topics!)
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About the Indian Defence category 2 July 18, 2019
IAF set to shelve Jaguar engine upgrade, could buy more Su-30 MKIs instead 2 August 26, 2019
NASA says 49 debris from A-Sat test still in space, Indian Missile expert slams report 1 August 26, 2019
Indian Army’s fleet of Rudra’ light attack helicopters still without Air-to-Air Missile 1 August 26, 2019
Gaganyaan: Russia offers India semi-cryogenic engine technology 1 August 26, 2019
Chandrayaan-2: Soft Landing of Vikram Planned for September 7 1 August 25, 2019
J&K: State flag replaced with tricolour at Civil Secretariat building in Srinagar 1 August 25, 2019
Why India Wants To Reverse Its ‘No First Use’ Nuclear Policy? BBC Report 4 August 25, 2019
IAF taps all sources to acquire new modern Fighters Jets 1 August 25, 2019
IAF to induct first batch of 4 Apache Attack Helicopters in presence of Rajnath Singh on September 3 1 August 25, 2019
India’s bold action, new posture take Pakistan and China by surprise 1 August 25, 2019
IAF lost 26 fighter jets due to accidents in last five years: Government 1 August 25, 2019
LCA Tejas still to match to modern Fighters Jets 1 August 25, 2019
83 LCAs Order: HAL may finally agree to lower price 1 August 25, 2019
‘Club INS Viraat’ may moor at Sassoon Dock 1 August 25, 2019
Indian-standard Rafale jet to be ready by September 2021 1 August 25, 2019
India to release arrested Kashmir Leaders on 'certain conditions' 1 August 25, 2019
Indian Navy sounds alert at seas after intel of terrorists' intrusion 1 August 25, 2019
Ordnance factory workers call off strike 1 August 25, 2019
ISRO Picture Thread

16 August 24, 2019
India, France plan satellite surveillance of ships 1 August 24, 2019
Russia, France to train astronauts for Gaganyaan 1 August 24, 2019
Why the world's largest defence department is on strike 1 August 24, 2019
HAL delivers brand new Su-30 MKIs with 2nd hand jet engines 1 August 23, 2019
HAL wants to fit advanced British Missile on IAF Fighters : Report 1 August 23, 2019
Indigenous light combat aircraft Tejas Mk II targeted by 2022 and AMCA by 2024 1 August 23, 2019
Despite ban, Jaish-e-Mohammed reappears on social media to instigate Islamists in Kashmir to heighten protest against India 1 August 23, 2019
France set to offer Nuclear Submarines to India 1 August 23, 2019
India, Pak should resolve Kashmir bilaterally, no third party should ‘incite’ violence: Macron 1 August 23, 2019
Final delivery of the last C-17 Globemaster III to IAF 1 August 23, 2019