6th Gen Fighter

Any Update on Indo-UK joint development of 6th gen fighters?


There isnt any yet. The tempest program is a very longterm and costly endeavour. India is currently focusing in 5th gen technology - AMCA. India needs to soak in the 5th gen tech and gain some experience. Otherwise even if we join the Tempest program our workshare, involvement and what we bring to the table will be minimal. Thats what happen with the Su-57 program. So, there is no hurry to jump in. We should look for 2025 to join any 6th gen program or start our own. Our aerospace industry needs to be mature by making MWF and AMCA.


True, I think India should prioritize AMCA & work on Tejas should reduce. AMCA is really important to progress to 6th n 7th Gen. And hope we acquire the required expertise ASAP.

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