Action initiated against Pakistan for using drones to smuggle arms, says Indian Air Force Chief


Drones smuggling arms and ammunition across the border is the new threat that India faces from its neighbour Pakistan, according to the new Indian Air Force (IAF) chief — Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria.

“Small drones are a new threat and some procurements are already in process to tackle the issue. It is a space violation issue and necessary action has been initiated in this aspect,” stated Bhadauria at the annual Air Force Day press conference.

The heightened security on the Indo-Pak border means that terrorists have had to shift their smuggling routes to Punjab to deliver weapons, ammunition, narcotics and counterfeit currency.

So far, three such consignments have been caught by the Punjab police. They believe that the packages are being airdropped into the state by Khalistan Liberation Front (KLF) and Khalistan Zindabad Force terrorists, with help from the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) this side of the border.

Inquiry by the National Investigation Agency (NIA)

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is already looking into the multiple cases of drones being used by Pakistan to smuggle arms into India.

According to Pakistani Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh, these drones are GPS-enabled and can carry upto 10 kilograms.

The first consignment was caught on 12 September 2019 where the police seized four AK 56 rifles, two AK 47 rifles with 180 rounds, six magazines and 11,000 bullets.

The second consignment was much larger. On 22 September 2019, the police recovered five AK 47 rifles with 16 magazines and 472 rounds, four Chinese-made point 30 bore pistols with eight magazines and 72 rounds, nine hand grenades, five satellite phones, two mobile phones and two wireless sets along with ₹1 million (₹10 lakh) in counterfeit currency.

They were found in the possession of KZF terrorists.

The latest consignment which was seized on 24 September 2019, consisted of four AK 47 rifles, 10 magazines and 200 cartridges.