BJP Arunachal MP claims Chinese army intrusion

The Chinese Army intruded into Arunachal Pradesh’s remote Anjaw district and constructed a bridge over a stream, the local BJP MP alleged on Wednesday.

Tapir Gao claimed Chinese troops made an incursion into the Indian territory last month and built a bridge over Kiomru Nullah in Chaglagam circle.

Some local youths noticed the bridge on Tuesday.

“The area is approximately 25 km northeast of Chaglagam and is very much inside the Indian territory,” Gao said.

No official of the Indian Army or civilian administration in Arunachal Pradesh was immediately available for comments.

In October last year, an Indian Army patrol had come across Chinese troops in the area, Gao claimed.

“As a representative of the state, I have requested the Centre for development of infrastructure along the Sino-Indo border in Arunachal Pradesh like construction of a road between Hayuliang, the district headquarters of Anjaw, and Chaglagam and beyond,” Gao told journalists. He said it was necessary to stop such incidents.

The condition of the road between Hayuliang and Chaglagam is very poor and virtually no road exists beyond that point, he said.

India and China share a nearly 4,000-km border, which is not clearly demarcated, leading to incursions by the two sides into each other’s territory.

China claims Arunachal Pradesh is part of south Tibet, which it took over in 1950.