'I may be the last PM of Azad Kashmir' - Raja Farooq Haider Khan

'I may be the last PM of Azad Kashmir' - Raja Farooq Haider Khan

Pakistan People’s Party(PPP) AJK Chief Latif Akbar has said that recent astonishing statement of AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan that he may be the last Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, was poisonous for the entire Kashmiri nation as expressed by the Prime Minister of AJK.

Commenting on the above reported statement of Raja Farooq Haider, he had allegedly delivered while addressing a ceremony in Muzaffarabad Thursday, the PPP AJK President said that the PM Farooq Haider should take all the political parties and all sections of the people into confidence on the issue if he really smells something in it.

In a statement issued to media late Thursday night Latif Akbar suggested Farooq Haider to immediately summon an All Parties Conference (APC) of Kashmiri political parties to this direction.

The PPP AJK President said, “It is very dangerous statement which seems reflective of the division of Kashmir”. Latif Akbar observed that any of the global conspiracy about division of the internationally acknowledged Himalayan State of Jammu & Kashmir would be a treachery to the sacrifises of Kashmiris which they were giving for the last 72 years.

He further said that Kashmiri nation will not ever forgive those persons, rulers, and the political parties involved in any such conspiracy of permanent disintegration and division of the disputed state.

Ch. Latif Akbar, also a former AJK Minister, said that millions of Kashmiris had not given the supreme sacrifices of their lives for the sake of division of Kashmir. Rather they sacrifised for the freedom of Occupied Kashmir, he added.

The PPP AJK President categorically declared that Jammu & Kashmir people would never ever accept any such agenda which lead to the permanent disintegration and division of their homeland. Akbar warned that his Pakistan People’s Party Azad Jammu & Kashmir would strongly resist every such move as harmful to the geographical and historical entity and unity of the disputed Jammu Kashmir state, he concluded.

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