India delaying fifth-generation fighter aircraft programme: Russian official

Russia on Tuesday said the delay in the development of the Indo-Russia fifth-generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) programme is from the Indian side.

India and Russia had agreed to a joint programme to develop a variant of the fifth-generation fighter aircraft or perspective multi-role fighter (PMF) in 2007.

India last year reportedly withdrew from the co-development and production of the aircraft over dissatisfaction on desired performance parameters like the engine and stealth capabilities.

"We have never ever cancelled any agreement with the Indian government.

Fifth-generation (fighter aircraft ) project has been delayed by the Indian side, not by the Russian side," Victor N Kladov, Director of International Cooperation and Regional Policy of Russian state corporation, Rostec, told reporters at MAKS international air show.

He said the Indian Air Force has its own views and strategy of development. At the show, Russia showcased the export version of its fifth-generation fighter aircraft Su-57.

Elaborating on Su-57, he said the aircraft has new-generation engine and new types of avionics.

"It is very versatile, multi-role advanced aircraft that can perform wide range of tasks, air to air, air to surface, maritime, it can perform together with UAVs.

Its absolutely a new level of defence technology," he said. Kladov said that Su-57 has completed trials, did exceptionally well in Syria and is now combat ready.

He said the first batch of Su-57 has been ordered by the Russian air force.



Indian AF chief already told Russians , induct it in service , we will surely think.
Not before. We pay for what we get, not more.

Because Russia wants money for development, but dont want to share the rights, nor did they involve Indians in the research and development since last 8 years. Yeda samjha hai kya? :slight_smile:


Actually, we had several problems with the Su-57 and its stealth characterestics. Also the engine was not powerful enough and the izdeliye 30 which is to be used isnt ready yet. So India had already taken itself out of the program.
There are very very slim chances that we will buy it. I dont understand why they are saying that we are delaying it when we have completely withdrawn from the project years ago.


Rafale and MMRCA 2.0 will be the last imported fighters. Tejas MWF and AMCA are the future. Don’t need it, sell it to your new pals Pakistan and your old friend China.


Because Russians themselves don’t have confidence in their product. They want us to pay for R&D bit we won’t have any advantage. That’s why India said it will be a customer only to a mature product, Russian or other


True, our aircraft design and development prowess is maturing and we wouldnt need to import anymore. But we will surely look for collaborating with foreign manufactures for enging and 6th generation aircrafts. For example - UK’s Tempest 6th Gen program.


Yes, exactly, there are various concerns for its stealth capability which is the most important part of a 5th gen aircraft. IAF chief made it clear that they will only think about it, once its in production and used by Russian AF but there is no chance we are buying it now.