India should lobby for Afghan govt on Taliban peace talks, says envoy

India should lobby for Afghan govt on Taliban peace talks, says envoy

India should lobby for the cause of Afghanistan with the international community even as the US-led peace talks with Taliban are progressing well, Tahir Qadiry, the head of the Afghan mission in New Delhi has said.

“India’s position has been quite clear that they support the Afghan position. But, we want more from India…India should engage, as the biggest contributor in Afghanistan (in South Asia), with countries that are involved in the peace talks with the Taliban,” Qadiry, who is the Chargé d’Affaires at the Embassy of Afghanistan, told ThePrint in an interview.

“All these countries (US, China and Russia) have a stake in Afghanistan because they are investing and helping Afghanistan to rebuild. We need a bit more proactive role to be played by India,” added Qadiry, who took over as the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Afghan Embassy in June this year.

Qadiry said India has been the biggest contributor in South Asia towards the development of war-torn Afghanistan.

As a result, he said, New Delhi should “lobby” for Afghanistan and its people while the US pushes towards concluding the peace talks with Taliban by September — a deadline set by the Donald Trump administration for withdrawal of its troops from the country.

‘India could use its potential to lobby for Afghanistan’ ::

Qadiry said: “India should be engaging more because it is an emerging power. India could use its potential and its different platforms at international, national and regional level to lobby for Afghanistan and Afghan people. We want our gains to be preserved.”

“Afghanistan has changed a lot. Over the last 18 years, the country has gained so much that we don’t want to lose it. There is a Constitution, there is a Parliament, there is a young generation. We need to support all of that. We need India to lobby for that,” he said, referring to the two-day marathon meetings between the US and the Taliban in Doha earlier this month.