Indian Air Force practices air operations from civil airports in North-East and Kolkata

Indian Air Force practices air operations from civil airports in North-East and Kolkata

The Indian Air Force on Wednesday launched an exercise on Wednesday to utilize civil airport runways and services to validate operational exercises in case of any exigency during active wars.

Shillong-based defence PRO Wing Commander Ratnakar Singh said, “The Eastern Air Command has planned fighter operations from six Airfields in its area of operations namely Dimapur, Imphal, Guwahati, Kolkata, Pasighat and Andal.”

This exercise is in two phases where the topline fighters will use the four airstrips in the first phase and the airstrips of Pasighat and Andal will be utilized in the second phase, added the officer.

Defining the aim of the exercise, Ratnakar Singh said, “The exercise will be in two phases from 16-19 October 2019 & 29 October to 1 November 2019 and will be a part of capability build-up and training of undertaking operations from dispersed locations in case of hostilities.”

The exercise will familiarise the IAF crew with the procedure of flying at these busy airfields and coordinating with civilian counterparts. It will also help the civilian functionaries at these airfields in understanding the conduct of such military operations.

Two types of airforce fighters, the SU 30 MKI and Hawk 132, are part of this exercise. In the first phase of the exercise, only Sukhoi fighters participated. The fighters flew from Chabua and Tezpur airbases and landed at Guwahati, Imphal, Dimapur and Kolkata.

For validation of various exigencies, three Sukhois will operate at Kolkata and two each at other three airports. In the second phase, Sukhois will fly from Pasighat and Hawks will fly from the Andal airstrip.


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