Iran thwarts Pakistan's 'undiplomatic tactics', removes anti-India posters from consulate in Mashhad

Taking a strong stance against Islamabad for using its consulate to promote anti-India activities, Iranian officials on August 15 forcibly removed banners from Pakistan’s consulate in the northeastern city of Mashhad.

The anti-India banners on so-called ‘Kashmir Solidarity day’ were removed in the middle of the night from the walls of the Pakistani consulate by the local police of Mashhad.

Calling such methods “undiplomatic tactics”, Tehran told Islamabad in clear terms that putting such banners against a third country goes against diplomatic norms. A disappointed Pakistan through a note verbal had raised the matter to Iran which it termed as unfortunate.

Officials in Tehran asked Pakistani diplomats that how will Foreign Affairs Ministry in Islamabad react if Iranian mission in Islamabad puts up banners against Saudi Arabia, and asked them if Pakistan will allow this.

Responding to this, Pakistan remained adamant and told Iran that the South Asian country’s mission was within its right to display the messages.