'Jihad against India': Pakistan PM Imran Khan urged by his MPs to start war after February 10

'Jihad against India': Pakistan PM Imran Khan urged by his MPs to start war after February 10

In yet another bid to provoke the people of Kashmir, calls for ‘jihad’ against India were made in Pakistan Assembly by some political outfits on Monday. A political leader went on to suggest that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan declare February 10 as the date of war against India.

As per Pakistan’s publication Dawn, members of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) urged the Pakistan government to declare jihad against India. JUI-F leader Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali even suggested that PM Imran Khan should announce that Pakistan would start a war with India after February 10.

Maulana Chitrali also opined that mere announcement of war with India would force the international community to intervene and resolve the decades-old Kashmir issue between the two countries.

Chitrali’s call for Jihad against India was welcomed by several leaders in the Pakistan National Assembly yesterday.

Other leaders in the Pakistan Assembly asserted that war is the only option available in order to "liberate the people of Kashmir and to complete the unfinished plan of the subcontinent’s partition.

Parliamentary leader of the main opposition Khawaja Asif lashed out against the other Islamic countries accusing them of doing nothing for the people of Kashmir.

Asif went on to add that Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) is a “dead organisation and apart from three-four member countries, rest of the nations could not even defend themselves, so how would they talk about Kashmir”.

After the three-hour-long Assembly session, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan got emotional and urged the country to “come up with a plan to attack India and take Jammu and Kashmir”. PM Imran Khan is yet to respond on the calls for jihad against India.

By: Times Now News

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Terrorists factory of pak. Parliment produceing terrorism against india is calls “JIHAD” by knows all the world… Imran khan and his groups are warned again again if you to stopdown ur jihad against india. If not do the whole pakistan would be destroyed.pakistan down down

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