Non-Kashmiris on hit list of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir

Terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir have new targets in the 8,000-10,000 brick kiln workers, mostly from the Hindi heartland.

Recent intelligence reports speak of terrorists being repeatedly ordered to attack ‘non-Kashmiris’ by their handlers from across the Line of Control, in Pakistan, and specifically the brick-kiln workers. Attacks “to create chaos”, as the terrorists are being told, are being apprehended particularly in the districts of Pulwama and Shopian. With the killings of a group from Murshidabad, in West Bengal, the attacks on “outsiders” have already begun.

Terrorist are hoping for a boost when WhatsApp services begin in Kashmir. They are hoping that WhatsApp and other applications, still unable in the Valley will be available soon. Intercepts from earlier this week make that clear. In one conversation, a terror handler is telling a colleague “Mobile khulne wala hai” and “Coordination asani ho jayegi.” Intelligence agencies have briefed the government about this.

Terrorists, trained for such attacks, are already gathering at the Line of Control. The number of terrorists in the launch pads has gone up. There are 124 of them now, intelligence reports say, up from 86 the previous week. An important concentration is at the Dudhniyal launch pad and several more, opposite the Poonch area, south of the Pir Panjal Range. Infiltrating as many terrorists before the passes close remains a primary objective of the terror establishment, reports said.

Equally disturbing is an increase in the presence of Special Service Group (SSG) commandos, some of the best-trained soldiers of the Pakistan Army in South Kashmir. About 20 have been identified, up from 10 last week. The presence of a large number of SSG commandos is a sign of possible BAT or Battle Action Team attacks on Indian border posts. Very often, terrorists and SSG commandos jointly participate in BAT attacks. Indian Army soldiers on the LOC were warned of the possibility of such attacks earlier this week.

The reports suggest that despite international pressure, the terror apparatus continues to flourish. This includes training, financing and arming terrorists.