Su-30-MKI fighter aircraft equipped with BrahMos to be deployed in northern sector as per threat analysis

The Sukhoi 30-MKI fighter aircraft equipped with BrahMos supersonic cruise missile will give the Air Force the lethal capability to strike targets at grounds from greater distances and will be deployed in northern sectors as per the threat analysis, said Air Force Chief, Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria.

Talking to on Monday, about whether the fighter aircraft will be deployed on borders of China and Pakistan, Bhadauria said, “We will deploy… as per our threat analysis and plans. I would not say where, but we would deploy in the northern sectors. Tasking would be as per the requirement.”

“It does give us more lethal capability to strike targets at grounds at distances of its capability. There is no doubt, but where they will be used would, of course, depend on the target we get,” he said, in response to a question on whether the aircraft would give the stronger capability to the Air Force to do Balakot-type operation.

The Sukhoi-30MKI fighter aircraft, equipped with ’ BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, was inducted at Thanjavur airbase on Monday. The missile can hit targets at around 300 kilometers with precision.

Bhadauria said that the decision to deploy the Su-30 MKI at Thanjavur was taken due to its strategic location.

“SU-30 with Brahmos is the strongest maritime combination that we have in terms of weapon capability. For that Thanjavur is an ideal location because of the access to both the east and the west side and the Indian Ocean Region (IOR),” he said.

On being asked whether the Army has plans to induct more fighter assets in the southern peninsula, “Not fighter assets, but there will be a second Littoral Combat Ship Squadron.”

By: ET