US To Keep 8,600 Troops In Afghanistan After Deal With Taliban : Trump

President Donald Trump on Thursday said that US troop levels in Afghanistan will drop to 8,600 if a deal is reached with the Taliban and that a permanent presence will remain.

“We’re going down to 8,600 and then we make a determination from there,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News radio. “We’re always going to have a presence.”

Trump also said that if another attack on the United States originated from Afghanistan “we would come back with a force like… never before.”

US troops were first sent to Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on US soil carried out by Al-Qaeda, which was sheltered by the former Taliban regime.

Washington now wants to end its military involvement and has been talking to the Taliban since at least 2018. Trump says that troops will only be reduced when the Taliban gives a guarantee that its territory will not be used by Al-Qaeda or other international militant groups.

Trump underlined that there was to be no complete withdrawal, keeping a force that would provide “high intelligence.”

“You have to keep a presence,” he said.



It is USA’s misfortune that POTUS is yet to grasp the intricacies of Afghanistan politics, despite availability of sane advice from so many brilliant diplomats & institutions in USA. Trump is indeed acting hastily & trying to run away from Afghanistan by sacrificing it on the alter of Taliban, only to impress US voters with a view to regain Presidency.

It is quite possible that Taliban may not accept terms set by Trump rendering his plan a failure. Even if Taliban accepts the terms imposed, it may still backtrack later on or repudiate the truce at the behest of treacherous Pak.

In either way, Trump is going to be a loser. Only way before US now is to join hands with India to destroy/ split Pak in 3-4 provinces and then cleanse not only Taliban but also AQ, IS etc from everywhere with help of western world & India.After wiping out of Pak & all jihadis, US can then show China it’s true worth, provided of course , it befriends Russia. But this will not happen, as US always acts pennywise poundfoolish.


Well there are no good options here. Taliban have already intensified their attacks and gaining way more territory. And they know that the people have been accustomed to democratic way of governing and if they leave weapon they have very little chance of being mainstream. So, its only going to get bloodier once US trims it troops. Possible massacre of the top Afghan leadership.
India should better start having dialogue with Taliban. As much as we dont like it, we should be ready for any eventuality. Any party in power, the Govt. or Taliban would need huge investments and support for rebuilding the nation. Pakistan cant do shit about that part. We can do a lot in that regard. We already have so much goodwill with Afghans. With more investments, Taliban can be roped in. :v: