US wants information on Kashmir from Modi govt in private, concerned over detentions

Not only US embassy officials, but also visiting American officials have sought information on Kashmir during their meetings with the Modi government.

New Delhi: Days after US President Donald Trump’s support for India’s stand on Kashmir, ThePrint has learnt that top American diplomats have on multiple occasions reached out to the Narendra Modi government in private, seeking information about the situation in the Valley and even expressed concern over detentions of political leaders and restrictions clamped in the region following the abrogation of Article 370.

Sources in the government said that questions on Kashmir came up during discussions with senior diplomats of the US, besides other countries. Not only US embassy officials, but also visiting American officials have sought information on Kashmir during their meetings with the Modi government, a source said.

The government has, however, made it clear to all the countries that Kashmir is an internal issue and all decisions are being taken depending on the situation there, a second source told ThePrint.

This source added that the government’s decisions related to Kashmir’s security are dependent on two objectives — maintenance of law and order, and prevention of loss of life — and this has been communicated to the US diplomats.

When asked about the US seeking information about Kashmir, an American embassy spokesperson told ThePrint he would not comment on internal diplomatic discussions.

The spokesperson, however, added, “We continue to be very concerned by reports of detentions and the continued restrictions on the residents of the region. We urge respect for human rights, compliance with legal procedures and an inclusive dialogue with those affected.”

US flip-flop

Last month, Trump took everyone by surprise when he offered to mediate between India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir dispute.

Weeks after Trump’s comments, the government on 5 August scrapped Article 370 that granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir, and dismembered the region into two union territories.

Trump, however, changed his stance and said earlier this week that India and Pakistan can resolve differences over Kashmir bilaterally, and refrained from repeating his offer to mediate between the two countries.

“We spoke last night about Kashmir…and the prime minister really feels that he has the situation under control…I think they (India and Pakistan) can do it (resolve the issue) themselves,” Trump said on the sidelines of the G-7 summit in France.

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US needs to mind its own business. People who killed hundreds of thousands by dropping nukes, made blacks as slaves, still treat them like animals, imprisoned several in a cages or years in GMB, attacks any country at will and destroy it should not ask report from other countries.


They just want to keep up their image. They got a tight slap when Trump made that irresponsible comment and without giving any heed India changed the whole dynamics of Kashmir. Its evident that US pressure doesnt work on internal matters of India. We are not pakistan that gets aids and loans that we can be influenced


Yes, in todays government US pressure will not harm us. But in the congress gov we were looks like a beggers and fourth world country in the West. Now every damm western country started to recognise us a real democratic, powerful and useful country.


Don’t post articles from The Print. They are pseudosecular, minority apeasers, anti hindu, anti-India media house.

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Everyone has the right to post articles. Its upto individuals to judge them and appropriately criticize them. People will see them for what they are. No need to censor.


Yes, we don’t need to censor them. If they didn’t post it, then how we will know what their thinking is.